Saturday, February 2, 2013

Week 4: A dress for me!

Dresses are probably one of my favorite things to sew. Some are amazingly simple and others take great detail and time. But the results are fantastic. And it's funny how life works, I was JUST telling my roomie that dresses are my fav and then only moments later I pulled this project from the jar.

Why I want to make this: I have a number of dresses in my closet that I rarely ever wear! And when I do wear one, I almost always get comments: I love your dress! You made it didn't you? To which I always respond: No - I wish! I have made a lot of dresses for other people, which has been fun and challenging and has even gotten me a few paid gigs, but I haven't made a dress for myself in years! I did a few in high school, including my prom dress, and just one during university. The time has come.

Ideas & Inspirations: But which dress should I make? I first started looking through my arsenal of patterns: sewing books I own, old patterns, and perusing BurdaStyle. Coincidentally there is a contest that BurdaStyle has going on right now, but more about that later. I settled on some knit fabric I had in my drawer and a pattern from a book I have called Little Green Dresses. I received this book on my birthday nearly 2 years ago from my fantastic roommate at the time.

What I intend to do with said project: Although I was tempted to make something a bit more fancy, I already have a closet full of them. On weekends there is nothing I love more than traipsing around the city in a comfy dress and leggings! This dress will be comfy, fairly simple and should be manageable in my one week time frame.


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