About Me

My happy place is in my craft room with some good tunes and something tasty to sip on.

As a child I spent countless hours gluing, painting, stitching, colouring, modge-podging, cutting, pinning and sewing. We lived in a 19th century home with an attic room that was almost entirely devoted to creativity and play. It was hard to get me out of there sometimes.

Sewing is my first love. My mom sewed and got me into it at about age 9. I would sew random rectangles together and name them "pencil cases." I took it much more seriously in high school and would make clothes for myself and for friends, and got into a bit of costuming. Through university I did what I could between classes and writing papers and by my final year, all I wanted to do was make crafts!

Now, several years later I still dream of crafting full-time. I decided to challenge myself with a new project each week, selected from a jar full of ideas and blog about it. I'm hoping that through this creative process something truly great will transpire.

I'd love to hear from you! You can catch me at: