Monday, February 11, 2013

Week 5: Make Keychains

Why I want to make this: From the good old days of lizard-shaped beaded keychains to cheeky charms from far away lands, keychains are a great way to showcase your personality and add pizazz to your routine.

Ideas & Inspirations: Every other store carries some great ones and a number of them seem really easy to make. I'd like to do a monogram in a patterned fabric. Then maybe I'll play around with some knots and beads or something. Or maybe sew a little pouch for my debit card, ID and some cash?

What I intend to do with said project: My collection of keys keep growing and I'd like to split them up before they get even more out of control. One for work, one for house/car and one for my spare keys.


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