Saturday, February 9, 2013

Week 4: A Comfy Dress for Traipsing Around

Posting late this week, but I've had other projects on the go this week. Like Valentine's cards! And other fun things...

When I began working on this dress I was surprised to find out that my Little Green Dresses book was no book of patterns, but twas a book of instructions. It instructed me on how to draft my own pattern using my own measurements, a little bit of math and some basic geometric drawing. This was my first time drafting a pattern (or at least the proper way) and I can't wait to do more! I better invest in a curved ruler before then - I ended up using the curve on a different dress pattern to trace my neckline. It turned out fine, but I was pretty nervous about it.

I followed the instructions with just the slightest modifications. For the neck facing, I just used remnants of my black-with-white-polka-dots fabric and I overstitched it to stay in place. It was a quick and easy pattern - once it was drafted, the dress only took about 2-3 hours.

I wasn't sure I wanted to post pictures of myself on the blog, but here I am now!
This is definitely the type of dress that is better with a belt! I would like to find a nice red leather belt to wear with this outfit. This dress is super comfy and I'm happy with how it turned out. I will enjoy traipsing around in it on weekends, but it is also super appropriate to wear to work.

What I enjoyed the most: This is a no brainer - drafting the pattern! It was fun discovering how the patterns I've come to know and love over the years are formulated and put together. Plus, I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to numbers and math.

Next time I would... Be more careful 'clipping the notches' underneath the armholes. Good thing no one will be staring at my armpits. Also, I think this pattern would make a cute top in a fun cotton print.


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