Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Week 5: Three Wee Key Rings

Here they are! Three new keychains just for me. For the first one I created a stuffed fabric monogram. I wish I had made it just a tad larger because it was so difficult turning it right side out again and then stuffing it. To create the lowercase effect, I wrapped a large bead with fabric and brought it together with some string -woven friendship bracelet style.

For my car keys, I had some fun vintage-style letter tiles from the Reuse Centre that I glued together in a reversible way. Then I wrapped some string around pieces of chain to tie it all together. Lafawnduh the Honda is gonna love this! 

For my final keychain, I was totally inspired by my little collection of old wooden spools. This gem of a spool still had it's original labels on it. I wrapped some scraps of string around the center and applied copious amounts of modge podge. And again, I wove some some string in order to loop it onto the ring. I'm so glad I learned how to weave like this, it's a great effect.  I like having a spool keychain -I feel that it represents me well!

What I enjoyed the most: I finally found something to do with all my wooden spools! But I don't think I will make 20 more spool keychains, so what should I do with them!? Ideas?

Next time I would... Definitely make a small zippered pouch key chain. I'm regretting that I didn't. It would be so handy for money and cards. Especially handy to use at work to tote around at coffee break time.


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