Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Week 3: Retro Make-up Bag

I've had this awesome retro fabric in my drawer for years and didn't really know what I was going to do with it. I almost got rid of it a few times because I wasn't convinced I would ever use it. Now it's a beautiful and functional make-up bag!

I cut my fabric and lining 9" wide by 8" tall. I first attached my zipper -the tricky part was getting everything going the right way. It's lining face up, zipper face up and then fabric face down. After I sewed that, I flipped it over and topstitched. I love a good topstitch. 

Then, with the fabric right-sides together and the lining right-sides together, I sewed all the way around, leaving about 2/3 of the bottom of the lining open. Then I sewed the corners flat to make a 2" bottom. My last few stitches were from the inside of the bag -to sew up the opening in the lining.

I decided not to follow a pattern or tutorial, so it took some figuring. It still came together quickly, all in one evening - about 2 hours?

What I enjoyed the most: I really do love rummaging through my scraps for projects, but most of all finally finding a purpose for this fun and vibrant fabric! 

Next time I would... I really want to make a boxy make-up bag, something like this. I even picked out the fabric and zipper in case I had enough time to make both. I would also love to add embellishment: Applique? Embroidery? A contrasting zipper? Or perhaps an interesting zipper pull?


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