Thursday, January 24, 2013

Week 3: A Cosmetic Bag

Why I want to make this: My old make-up bag is old and scuzzy. I have no idea where I got it or how long I’ve had it. I’m definitely due for a new one. And the one I use for when I travel is nothing special either - I think I picked it up at a garage sale.

Ideas & Inspirations: I’m thinking of just doing a simple one with a zipper and a flat bottom with some fun & colorful fabric. But I really like the boxy ones too! I’ve got some left over vinyl lining that I can use to make the inside easily wipeable and clean!

What I intend to do with said project: I will use it just about everyday and put my make-up in it. Finally time to retire the old one! And if I’m feeling really ambitious I’ll make a boxy one for when I travel.


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