Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cordial Greetings

Welcome to my first post on the new blog. It’s a beautiful road we are headed down.

I’ve been crafting my whole life and I am seeking to challenge myself creatively. Too often my creative energy has been spent on others. Don’t get me wrong, I love handmade gifts, but I want to enjoy the things I create just as much as I enjoy making them. I want to create without the pressure of whether or not someone is going to like what I have made. Which...is why I have a blog, right? Well, at least I have someone/something to be accountable to!

I have written a grand number of projects (38 and counting!) on strips of paper and plopped them inside a cutely decorated jar. Each week I will draw a project from the jar and complete it before the week is up. I do love making lists, but this way is much more fun because each week it will be a SURPRISE! Projects range from things I have put off, to things I have never made and wanted to try, to things I’ve made lots but always for someone else.

I hope to post a few little bonuses along the way and have no shortage of ideas. I’ll pick and post my first project tomorrow.


Joshua said...

Awesome Joy, I'm excited to see your creativity expand and grow even more!

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