Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New York Trip Highlights

Finally getting around to posting about my trip to New York City, 2 months later. Where to start? I could tell you about the awesome hotel we stayed at, or the coffee shop nearby that we visited everyday (sometimes twice a day!). Or I could bore you with details of the usual tourist traps: Staten Island, Top of the Rock, Broadway, Yankees Stadium, etc. Instead, I'll just inspire you with a few highlights.

Brooklyn Art Library

When looking up things online to see in New York City, I learned that I needed to visit the Brooklyn Art Library and that I would love it, but I didn't quite yet understand why. The Brooklyn Art Library houses the Sketchbook Project, which is a collection of sketchbooks from all over the world. You may 'sign out' sketchbooks to view while visiting the library, but they also take smaller collections on tours around the US and sometimes even Canada. The Sketchbook Project should come to Edmonton, AB!!! ;)

After looking through a couple of sketchbooks, I was feeling inspired and decided to join the project by purchasing my own sketchbook to fill. This will be a huge creative challenge for me as painting/drawing is not my strong suit. Once my book is complete, I need to mail it back before the January 2014 deadline for it to be added to the collection. I'll let you know when it is complete because I'm sure you'll be dying to go visit it in Brooklyn, right? OR... My book will be digitized and available for viewing online early in 2014. I'll keep you posted!

Chelsea Market

It wasn't on our to-do list, but after TWO native New Yorkers recommended it, we took at trip to the Chelsea Market. This place is full of unique restaurants and shops, but lucky for me, it also hosted the I Artist & Fleas Pop-Up Shop that week. The room was packed with NYC/BK artists and designers and I easily could have spent my full travel budget in there. Highlights for me were:

  • Brooklyn Charms -They had a variety of charms, chains and other treasures to create your own custom jewelry on the spot.
  • Shara Porter Designs -Little wallets and bags with adorable designs screened on them.
  • Black Lamb -Where silkscreening and embroidery collide!

Fabric Shopping

This occupied much of my time and deserves it's own post. Check back tomorrow to see my sweet fabric finds!


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