Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Week 8: Back Alley Photography

This week was a quick photo project and I'm quite excited to share a piece of my neighbourhood in such a weird and wonderful way.

On a sunny, chilly, wintery Sunday afternoon, I took a walk around my neighbourhood. You must know, this was not an easy decision. My neighbourhood, or more affectionately my "hood," is the type of place where it may not be the best idea to strut around with a big fancy camera around your neck. Not even in broad daylight. After several failed attempts of trying to get someone to join me, I set out in order to catch the last bit of daylight.

I began at the park at the end of my street, but then wandered a block or two further to a mini-industrial area. I was met by large, boxy old buildings, hilarious signs and unique pieces of machinery. Although it was a Sunday afternoon, I navigated carefully. I didn't think it was a good day to get busted for trespassing!

On my way back home, I wandered through the back alleys. Since arriving in Edmonton, AB nearly 5 years ago, I've always been fascinated by back alleys. Colourful lopsided sheds, rotting roofs, abandoned old cars, discarded furniture and remnants of failed carpentry projects. As you'll see, I was not to be disappointed.

Now I save the best for last. I was completely and wonderfully shocked when I stumbled upon this sight. I couldn't have even dreamed up a shot like this. So completely and utterly random. I was speechless. I love my city and my hood for creating alley wonders like this.


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