Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 7: An Embroidered Pillow

I'm finally finished with my project of the week. Here it is!

Without a doubt the most challenging part of this for me was drawing out my pattern. I consider myself an artist, but more in a crafting/creating sort of way than painting/drawing. I can't draw something that actually has to look like something from real life, so I tend to go for something more abstract or geometric. Sounds great except then I feel the need for everything to be perfectly symmetrical. I swear it took over an hour for me to draw out the border.

Once the pattern was done, I used my handy dandy water-soluble ink pen to trace out my beloved pattern. And then began the 20+ hours of embroidering!

What I enjoyed the most: I love-love-loved doing the embroidery. Every. Single. Minute. I enjoyed experimenting with different stitches and paying attention to the smallest details. Plus, this project is super portable and I spent many of my project hours hanging out with people rather than my usual spot (alone) in the craft room.

Next time I would... Pick a smaller project? Haha! But I sure did enjoy all 14 inches of this pillow. So maybe next time I should get a head-start on it. Or just have an ongoing embroidery project with no set deadline.


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