Friday, August 2, 2013

Week 15: Paper Flowers

Why I want to make this: This idea started when I was working full-time in a very beige, dull office space that was desperately in need of some colour. Even though I don't work in that space anymore, summer is whizzing by so fast (seriously, where did July go!?) and I figured I should capture the colours of summer to keep all year round!

Ideas & Inspirations: There are so many ideas and projects out there! I've started pinning some on Pinterest if you'd like to take a peak.

What I intend to do with said project: I'm hoping this will be a nice piece for the new place. Did I mention I was moving? Yeah, I've got a little basement suite I'll be moving into in September. A little colour for the new space perhaps?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE paper flowers. Great job! Thanks for sharing :)

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