Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week 11: Piecing a Quilt

Gave myself 2 weeks for this one -it's a doozy!

Why I want to make this: Cutting and piecing together tiny blocks for a quilt is one of my favourite sewing activities. I find it extremely relaxing. This will be my 3rd quilt -I would love to do more, but it's so darn expensive to make them!

Ideas & Inspirations: Last summer, while visiting my Gramma in NB, we ended up sorting through her old fabric scraps that she had kept from various projects over the years. She remembered just about every project she had made with each fabric: a dress for herself she made in 1967, an outfit for my aunt when she was a teenager, or curtains from a previous house. I brought home a variety of small fabric pieces and vowed to someday piece them together in a quilt.

What I intend to do with said project: I'm not sure what I will end up doing with this quilt. Sadly, it may go into storage until I've got a bit more space of my own! Maybe I can lend it to a family member -I'm sure they'd be quite reminiscent as they examine each piece. 


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